Business Intelligence

As they seek to transform our clients recognise that business can change more rapidly than existing processes and supporting systems and applications. Organisations need to be agile with the capability to extract, transform, analyse and create rich information to enable informed business decisions.

Bringing together our systems architecture, technical engineering and data management expertise Convergent have developed a Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation Framework to address all areas of the BI stack and provides a methodology and best practices for delivering an end-to-end BI implementation.

Business Intelligence Implementation Framework

Our vendor-independent methodology for BI implementation is an accumulation of experience, best practice and existing methodologies

Often the most challenging part of any BI project is specifying the insightful questions that business needs answers to. Convergent adopt a structured and collaborative approach, managing stakeholder workshops to storyboard key metrics and utilise customisable project templates to capture detailed requirements.

A key success factor to most projects is to prototype as early as possible a subset of KPIs across business process to get feedback and executive buy-in. Convergent build the underlying systems infrastructure, integrate and manage the data sources and deploy the front-end business applications to deliver the analytics engines require through standardised products.

Convergent are experts in business intelligence and performance management